Mailing Your Invitations

How much postage will I need?

The amount of postage needed on an invitation varies depending on the shape, size and weight of what is being mailed. A wedding suite typically requires more postage than your average letter. Square shaped envelopes also require additional postage due to the fact that they are non machinable. Take a fully stuffed envelope to the post office (include any wax seals, ribbons, etc) and have them tell you EXACTLY how much postage to use. Don’t skip this step and don’t forget to factor in postage for your reply card set! 

When should I mail my save the dates?

Particularly if you are planning a destination wedding or have a lot of out of town guests, save the dates should be mailed out 6 to 8 months before your event. 

When should I mail my wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations are typically sent out 6 to 8 weeks prior to your event. This gives your guests enough time to respond and you enough time to finalize your guest count. 

HERON TIP: When mailing your invitations, ask the post office (very sweetly) if they will hand cancel them. If they’re busy, ask if you can do the cancelling for them. 

When should I mail my rehearsal dinner invitations?

Rehearsal dinner invitations should be mailed 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event and always after the wedding invitations have been mailed. 

When should my reply by date be? 

Asking guests to reply by a certain date ensures that your vendors will be properly prepared. Generally, one month prior to your event is ideal but be sure to ask your vendors (particularly planners and caterers) if that timeline works for them. 

Ordering Your Invitations

When should I order my invitations? 

At least 5 months prior to your event is a good time to begin the invitation design process. However, the sooner, the better! It’s important to keep a few things in mind:

Your design: Do you have a custom design in mind? Does it involve custom illustration or hand drawn typography? Think about who will be doing that and how long it will take them to complete the work. Heron Paperie works with a wide variety of artists and is happy to advise and assist. 

Your print method: Backlogs due to covid are unfortunately alive and well in the printing industry at this time. Depending on the print method, turnaround time for your order can take anywhere from one week to three months. Don’t worry, we’ll find the right method that works with your timeline! More information on turnaround times can be found here (short cut to turnaround times section)

Your add ons: Envelope liners? Edge painting? These lovely things take time to craft and perfect! They will add several business days to your turnaround time but they’re worth the wait! 

Addressing: Digital envelope addressing will also add time to your order. If you’re having your invitations hand addressed by a calligrapher, be sure to ask how much time they will need to complete your order. 

Stuffing, stamping and sealing: this takes time too! Be sure to order your stamps and allow yourself plenty of time for a stress free mail out. Many calligraphers also offer full service mail out for an additional fee. 

How do I order my invitations? 

See a design that’s perfect for you? Add it straight to your cart, checkout with a 50% deposit and Heron Paperie will send you a proof via email  within three business days! Don’t see exactly what you want? Add a custom proof to your cart. The $100 fee will be applied to your order should you choose to proceed with your design. Up to three proofs are included so chances are, you will! Have a question? Need to see a sample? Tell me what you need here.

How many invitations should I order? 

Invitations come in quantities of 5 for digital/flat (with a minimum of 10) and quantities of 25 for all other print methods (with a minimum of 50). The general rule is one invitation per family, one per couple and one per single guest. Take a look at your guest list and count ‘em up! 

Should I order extra invitations? 

It’s recommended and cost effective. Ordering extras will ensure you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Price breaks will also not apply if you order extras later on. Last minute guest? No problem. A keepsake or two? Yes, please! 

Should I order extra envelopes? 

Yes, if you are addressing your envelopes by hand then it’s definitely wise to account for some mistakes. Calligraphers also tend to require overage for the same reason. 

Can I see a sample of my custom invitation before it’s printed? 

Sadly, no. With digital/flat printing a test print can be sent but all other methods require a bit of imagination to go along with your proof. Luckily, Heron Paperie has tons of swatches and samples to help you see it perfectly! 

Turnaround Times

Proof & Design turnaround times

Design turnaround times are dependent on the scope of the project and current workloads. Generally, Heron Paperie  gets proofs out in three business days and custom proofs out in five business days. Need it sooner? Just ask! 

Production turnaround time

Production turnaround times mostly depend on the print method and your desired add ons. It does not include transit time! Please see a full list as of November 2021: 


3-4 business days 


22-25 business days (about a month and one week)

Foil & Letterpress

12-15 business days (about 3 weeks) 

Engraving & Embossing

28-32 business days (a month and a half to two months)

Digital Addressing 

Adds five business days from final guest address approval with the exception of digital/flat printing (adds no additional time). 

Please allow extra time for all additional add ons, including, not limited to: 

-custom stock

-edge treatments (round corner, edge tint, bevel, hand-border)


-multiple printing processes 

-envelope liners


Unless otherwise specified all invitations except for digital/flat will ship from Charlotte, North Carolina via FedEx or UPS Ground. Digital/flat invitations will ship via USPS Priority or Ground from Alabama. Non invitation orders under 1 lb will ship via USPS First Class Mail from either New Orleans or Alabama. Transit times are dependent upon the specified mailing address.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason please contact us at Invitations and personalized stationery and accessories cannot be returned or refunded. Other items may be returned in unused condition within 7 days of receipt. Original shipping charges are non-refundable. Return shipping costs are non-refundable, unless you are returning due to a defect in the product.

Can I rush print my invitations? 

The pandemic has created a backlog that unfortunately makes rush production options limited. Please inquire, and we’ll see what we can do!

Addressing Your Invitations

Formatting for Digital Addressing

Digital addressing is a cost effective and timely way to address your invitations. Please follow the format displayed below and submit your addresses in an Excel or Google Sheets document. Most calligraphers will also accept this format. The addresses will be printed exactly as you write them. 

HERON TIP: Writing out state names instead of abbreviating them makes for a prettier envelope!


How you address your guests help sets the tone for your event. Here are some examples: 

Married Couples 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Henican Babington

1243 Heron Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 12345


Eugenie and Joseph Babington 

1243 Heron Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 12345

Inner Envelope:

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Henican Babington 


Eugenie and Seph

HERON TIP: Traditionally in the written word, ladies always come first! 

Non Married Couples or Maiden Name Preferred 

Ms. Charlotte Eugenie Gibert McLellan

and Mr. Joseph Henican Babington 

1243 Heron Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 12345


Ms. Eugenie McLellan and Mr. Seph Babington

1243 Heron Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 12345


Eugenie McLellan and Seph Babington

1243 Heron Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 12345

HERON TIP: For formal names with “Jr.”, “Sr.” or Roman numerals note the comma placement below: 

Joseph Henican Babington, Jr. is correct. Joseph Henican Babington Jr. is incorrect 

Joseph Henican Babington III is correct. Joseph Henican Babington, III is incorrect

For more information on addressing your wedding invitations, please refer to these two articles from the Emily Post Institute.

Typos, Errors and Changes

Heron Paperie is not responsible for any misspelled words, typos or errors after you have signed off on your final proof. During the proofing process we ask you to check that every. single. word. is spelled correctly and that all dates, names, addresses and proof details are accurate! Is that the way you spell “accommodations”? What about the names of your future in-laws? Please triple check it all! 

Reprints will be charged to the client at a discount. 

Canceling Your Order 

If your invitation has been approved and printed then unfortunately it cannot be canceled. Otherwise, cancellations will result in a refund minus the cost of any materials ordered and a reasonable fee dependent on the amount of time Heron Paperie has worked on the project.